Montreal, Quebec

The project’s geometry is rooted in the tension between the site's asymmetrical conditions and the pursuit of a coherent formal structure. Along the lot's southern edge stands a shallow two-story house, while the northern boundary is defined by a towering three-story brick building extending to the far end of the lot. The stepped plan is meticulously designed to maximize the buildable area while mitigating shade on the southern property. The recessed placement of the mezzanines follows the same light-optimization logic. The asymmetry of the plan naturally yields a variety of unit sizes. Although many elements of the historic façade, dating back to 1885, were lost in an earlier fire, extensive restoration work was undertaken to restore the original features. In keeping with typical Montreal fashion, the traditional "mansard roof" façade contrasts with the sober simplicity of the rear exterior.

In collaboration with Ian Nataf. Images by Alex Lesage
Logements Casgrain