Montréal, Québec

Set on a remarkably narrow lot in Montreal, the Boyer residence stands out for its narrow, vertical volumetry. For this intervention, the mezzanine is positioned according to a slightly novel approach, constructed as a slender extrusion along the east-west axis. The setback generates unusual spatial relations between the inner volumes.  The renovation preserves the existing front facade as well as the interior structure of the duplex, seamlessly integrating them into the extension. A new main staircase, designed as a central sculptural element, channels natural light into the building’s core. Completely open to adjacent rooms, its fluid form serves as an active component of the dweller's daily lives. Through plays of asymmetrical proportion, relational additions, and elevated vernacular materiality, the residence offers a singular impression oscillating between the odd and the familiar.

Images by James Brittain
Résidence Boyer